Tamanu Oil Press

tamanutamanuTamanu Oil (Calophyllum Inoplyllum) is made from the nut of the Tamanu tree.

Tamanu is grown in South East Asia and flourishes in tropical Pacific countries and is also found in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Southern India.

Tamanu Tree is known by many names.  In Vanuatu known as Nambagura, In Fiji, Dilo or Dolno, in Tahiti Ati, in Samoa, Fetau, in Maldives, Funa and in Hawaii Kamani.

The Aquarius oil press is used for Tamanu oil.  The Tamanu  oil press cage has been made smaller to apply enormous pressure to extract the tamanu oil.

Our client says  ‘We collect the nuts, open them and dry the kernel in the sun for twelve weeks.  Once dried I grind and press them. It's a lovely oil but can be a little strong smelling and works really well.’

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