Aquarius 30 kilogram per hour Olive Oil Equipment

The key features of the Aquarius Olive Oil Equipment COMBINES simplicity of operation and robust construction, making this a reliable oil press for the extraction of quality virgin OLIVE oil

The Aquarius olive oil equipment can handle two batches of 15 kilograms of olives per hour.  The clean up time is minimal (it can be taken outside and hosed down) and its portability provides ease of use.  This means the equipment can be transported and taken to another location making the equipment suitable for small batch processing.

olive oil equipmentolive oil equipment


Aquarius olive oil processing equipment is ideal for the small lifestyle olive growers who want to produce virgin olive oil.

The Aquarius olive oil equipment comprises separate pieces of machinery for each of the four processes of olive oil production:

These processes are:

The hammer mill
employs a mechanism which is of a similar size to that used in a full size press and using a 1.5hp motor, produces a fine paste. The hammermill sits on its own stand and can be raised and lowered over a 20 litre stainless steel catch pot (or some other suitably sized container of your choice). The olives are poured into a sorting tray where leaves can be removed and then pushed over the feed tube.  A 15 kilogram batch of olives takes an average of 6 minutes to mill.   

The hammer mill is lowered onto the malaxing pot by turning a handle.The hammer mill is lowered onto the malaxing pot by turning a handle. The hammer mill showing the mill cage that grinds the olives.The hammer mill showing the mill cage that grinds the olives.
The malaxator again maintains simplicity of operation by slowly revolving the pot of paste (typically 15kg) on a turntable, malaxation being achieved by two adjustable stainless steel paddles held vertically by a frame over the pot.  For best results malaxation should take about 50 minutes and for this reason two turntables are teamed on the same drive so as to allow a second pot of paste to begin malaxation once more olives have been milled. The long slow malaxation transforms the paste into a gleaming mixture which is already releasing much of the available olive oil. 

The Maxaler - Holding up the Paddle AssemblyThe Maxaler - Holding up the Paddle AssemblyMalaxer Paddle AssemblyMalaxer Paddle AssemblyPhoto shows malaxing olive paste for approximately 50 minutes.Photo shows malaxing olive paste for approximately 50 minutes.

The olive oil press is an elegant and ingenious machine which enables enormous pressure to be applied to the olive paste. 15kg of olive mixture takes about 25 minutes to press (including filling and emptying). First the top screw is turned to apply moderate pressure, then the hydraulic jack is gently foot pumped to apply up to 10 tonnes of pressure from below. The olive paste is contained in a stainless steel cylinder with slits cut in it which sits in a pot with a draining spout.  By using a series of nylon mats and stainless steel plates, the press achieves close to total extraction of the oil that can be extracted by cold pressing. The whole top assembly swings open for filling and emptying.30kg Olive Oil Press30kg Olive Oil Press

After pressing it is necessary to separate the olive oil. The process of separation is largely a matter of waiting for gravity to do most of the work, then drawing off either the watery sediment or the oil which floats on top of it.  Our 17 litre separator is easy to use.

17 litre Separator 17 litre Separator


malixing olivesmalixing olives

 pressing olive oilpressing olive oil

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