Aquarius 75kg per hour Olive Oil Equipment


The 75KG per hour press is divided into TWO components, the first being the malaxer, hammer mill, feeder unit. The second is the SEMI AUTOMATIC oil press.

Also supplied with the equipment is a second press cage complete with catch tray and mat set and a transfer trolley jack unit. 

Malaxer Hammer Mill Feeder UnitMalaxer Hammer Mill Feeder Unit  

Inside the MalaxerInside the Malaxer

The olives are tipped into the top hopper where a small auger transfers them into the hammer mill at a controlled rate.

The hammer mill design is a hybrid of the two styles we have previously manufactured, using the best features of each. The hammer mill assembly can be slid on rails to fill either the left or right malaxer compartment. 

The feed hopper can be tipped clear of the grinder to allow easy access for cleaning.

Feed HopperFeed Hopper  

Semi-Automatic PressSemi-Automatic PressFeed Hopper TippedFeed Hopper Tipped

The Malaxer is split into two separate compartments, this is the same as having two malaxers ensuring a efficient supply of malaxed olive paste to the press.

The press cage is placed under the malaxer and the gate opened loading the cage.  The cage is loaded in the usual way with mats specially made by AQUARIUS. Two cage assemblies are supplied with this machine again to maintain an efficient flow of paste to the oil press.

When the cage has been loaded it is transferred to the press using the lift trolley.

The press is a semi automatic unit. An air over hydraulic power pack provides the pressure. Press speed can be adjusted to suit the conditions. Once the press has been set to run the operator can leave it and concentrate on other parts of the process.

When the fluids have been collected the oil can then be separated from the fluid, see separator.

Note:  This machine comes with:

2 press cages, 2 press collection trays

2 sets of nylon mats, and a lift trolley to transfer the press cage from malaxer to the press.

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